All up in this Nutella

It’s spring warmer here in the Burgh! My daffodils and tulips and garlic are popping (not popping like gangsta slang ‘cool’ popping, they are literally popping through the soil)** and the birds are more than happy to spend many an hour at the bird feeder. (My husband calls them ‘the freeloaders’.) Nothing but the best there – I got tired of cleaning up seed shells, so I buy the pre-shelled seed. It’s like the people who eat crab cake instead of crab legs. 😉

I went for my first outside run in quite awhile yesterday since it was 65 degrees out! I was going to run in the morning, but then some friends were interested in brunch. Hmm…running, or Nutella crepes and coffee? Twist my arm.

I typically run from our neighborhood to Pitt, down to Magee-Womens, back to our church, and then home, all on well-traveled streets. It’s a good 5 mile run from start to finish. I had only run 4ish miles prior to this in training, so I didn’t know how my body would handle it. I ended up finishing in 1:02, which isn’t bad considering I walked a bit at the start/end and hit tons of traffic lights. The best part is that I could have kept going! Totally the Nutella crepe there (maybe I’m making fun of it a little too much – normally I don’t eat much before I run, and yes I know I should improve this.)

I saw several runners while we were going to brunch, and then a ton more while I was out doing my thing. Pittsburgh runners are pretty friendly – lots of head nods to each other while we sweat it out.

I then thought about my journey as a Christian, and the encouragement that other Christians provide – it is so similar to running. I won’t lie, sometimes if I’m taking a breather during my run and I see someone else running, I’ll often start again. Likewise, we can all strive to be the best people and Christians that we want, but we really benefit and grow when we see other people worshiping and praying. It’s not enough to ‘just’ be a Christian to yourself – you have to live it for others, too. And not just preaching mindlessly at someone – you have to live like a Christian in your words and actions for others to take notice.

Otherwise, that’d be like me telling you to go run while I sit on my couch eating Utz cheese curls (the best food known to man.)

Miles: 5

Push song: “Poppin Bottles” by Drake/TI

**See what happens when you spend the bulk of your time with high schoolers? I’ve got mad slang skills.

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She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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