Slow down, you crazy child

Today I decided that I wanted to go see Knit the Bridge – and what better way to go see it than run/train all the way there?! So I headed out, knowing that the way out would be much easier than the way back – my route was basically a huge hill, and the way back was allllll uphill.

The route I chose went through the Strip District, which is one of my favorite parts of Pittsburgh (especially on the weekend.) Everyone turns out and eats/shops/drinks/plays at the various specialty stores. Two of my favorites are Roxanne’s Dried Flowers and In the Kitchen.

Since everyone is out, however, that means that the sidewalks are PACKED. People stopped, shopping, chatting – this didn’t work especially well for my timed splits. I found myself getting annoyed, even though deep down I knew that it was my own stupid fault for trying to run through this horde of people.

But then I decided to stop and literally smell the flowers – and to forget about the pace keeper. (Ironically, I ran 6.5 miles, and my pace wasn’t even that far off when I WAS smelling the flowers!) And that’s so important in life. I’m so go-go-go all the time (hence the sporadic nature of this blog) that sometimes I need to be stopped by God and reminded that life is happening all around me, not just in front of me. My little Martha heart needs to have more Mary-like tendencies.

In short, I need to live more like my life song, “Vienna” by Billy Joel.


About CMN

She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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