Mush and slush

We are finally back home in Pittsburgh! Although it was great to visit with family and friends, it’s also nice to sleep in your own bed.

I went with two friends (one of them was the new running friend) on a long run today – we met, ran for awhile, and then they went home. I then started to run home, but for some reason didn’t feel like finishing there. At this point I had run about 5 miles. “Run 10 miles!” the little voice suggested.

And I almost listened to the little voice before remembering the lesson from the other day (in a nutshell, I ran on New Year’s Day with a cough in the cold and almost had to go to urgent care to be nebulized afterward…what did we learn, Corinne?) and also noticing I was almost out of water. So I compromised and ran 8.5 miles, which is my longest run in quite some time (and my longest run in 2014!)

But what I’m reflecting on tonight…is snow. Well, slush. We ran around some of our neighborhoods and the sidewalks were generally OK, but it was blatantly obvious who left a hot mess (cold mess?) of slush all over their sidewalk. I refuse to run on slush because I’m one step away from performing my own little Ice Capades with a broken tibia finale. So each time we hit slushy sidewalks, we walked.

Slushy sidewalks can signify a risky time in our life that causes us to pause and reflect before commencing forward. Perhaps it’s when you have two choices and don’t know which to pick, perhaps it’s when you’ve gotten bad news and have to decide how to proceed in the next chapter. But just like the sidewalks, you need to slow down, evaluate, and then ultimately put your faith in the Lord and plunge into the unknown.

About CMN

She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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