Finally joined a gym! Thank you Highmark for making it affordable. And considering the polar vortex that hit Pittsburgh, it was incredibly nice to run inside and not in the -41 degree windchill (yes, that was a real thing.)

I ran today and took my time getting warmed up by stretching and walking. I started my run and felt decent, but then a timer popped up on the screen. “Only 10 minutes remaining!” it chirped.

Well, crap. I had planned to run a lot longer than that, and since it was my first trip to the gym and it was kind of busy, I didn’t want to cheat and just restart. So I sprinted to get a somewhat decent mileage and then called it a day, but I was definitely disappointed.

Our lives are somewhat like this, I think. We take our time doing anything of real consequence or worth until something changes: a maybe a diagnosis, maybe a major life event…something. It seems to be then, and only then, that we set out to change something, to make something matter.

What we need to do, Christian or not, is realize that our time is finite on this earth and live each day as if it it’s our last. /cliche

Don’t wait until your timer pops up to do something, to make a difference in someone’s life, to do that thing you’ve always thought about but not had the guts to do. My run certainly would have been different if I had known I only had a half hour to accomplish the mileage. Are you living life like it’s a timed treadmill run?

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She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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  1. Paula Nunez says:

    I love this post. Thank you

    Paula J. Nunez | Staff Specialist – Configuration Management | 301.601.7310| room BD-123
    paula.nunez@hughes.com | Configuration Management

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