Mind aerobics

After this week’s polar vortex, Friday’s weather was actually quite nice. Considering that Pittsburgh’s weather changes hourly, I knew yesterday was probably my only chance to get an outdoor run this weekend and I only had an hour to run. So off I went for 5 miles.

As I ran, I found myself thinking about exercise – not just for the body, but for the mind. I diligently try to run more days than I don’t run, but sometimes it’s difficult with timing and weather and all of the little things that happen to us on a daily basis (it’s probably called life, right?) But there’s no excuse for not exercising our minds – with challenges and with prayer. Do I spend time in prayer every single day? Runs take a long time, but a quick prayer to God takes maybe 3 seconds. I probably spend more time on Facebook than I do praying, which is incredibly hard to type and incredibly convicting.

Back when I was Catholic, I used a guide that “indexed” possible areas of sins in one’s life before going to Reconciliation. Obviously I don’t go to formal Reconciliation now that I’m Presbyterian, but the conviction to repent and seek forgiveness remains. Considering it’s the “phase” of resolutions, take a look at some of these and pray where God is leading you this year. (I admit that the way some of it is phrased is a little Catholic-guilt-ish, but the underlying message is what’s most important.)

Heart Cleansing Personal Renewal


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