I ran 18 miles yesterday thanks to the Steel City Road Runners!

They sponsored a training run on a trail west of Pittsburgh (the Montour Trail.) Distances from 4-18 miles were offered. And like a sick person, I signed up for 18 – because that’s what Hal Higdon prescribed for the week. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because I’ve been dealing with a nickel-sized blister on the left ball of my foot, which made running nearly impossible (I ran 3 on Tuesday and was almost crying due to the pain. Thankfully, running friend and I are going shoe shopping this week.)

I wore my tried-and-true Asics with the Superfeet insoles, hoping it would do the trick in masking/helping the blister pain. And like God orchestrates, the training run was also sponsored by Asics, who had running shoes available to try on (and even run the whole training run in!) I tried on a pair of shoes that I’d been considering, ran a little, and then decided I wasn’t gutsy enough to try 18 miles in a new pair of shoes. But they gave me a free pair of socks just for trying on their shoes. Win, win.

I initially paced myself with the 12-min 14-18 mile group, but felt good enough to run between the 11-min and 12-min group. I eventually caught up to the 11 mile pace leader around mile 5, and we got to chatting – she’s a Christian runner. TOO COOL. She gave me the inspiration and support I needed to get through 14 miles – and we shared our life stories along the way. Interestingly enough, she mentioned that this was going to be her first marathon and she was thinking about the same idea I was – dedicating each mile of the marathon to specific people and writing them on our arms. God really put her in my life in an integral time! But she had to sprint the last 4 miles due to a time constraint, and I knew I wasn’t going to do that. So I ran the last 4 miles by myself and debated who I wanted to dedicate my miles to on race day.

I came home and ice bathed, then spent most of my day in bed watching Arrested Development. It was nice to be a waste of space for once. I woke up this morning with barely any pain in my legs (POWER OF THE ICE BATH, SERIOUSLY) but a decent amount of pain in my arches. Plus, my energy is seriously sapped today – I’m on my second cup of coffee already. But I persevered and got through the second-longest run of my training – thanks to God and thanks to Kelly!

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She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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