Running friend and I went shoe shopping on Friday and I got myself some sweet Asics Gel Kayanos (I’ll be running THE marathon in these very shoes! squee!) and some new Superfeet. Then went to the bar and got half-price Cosmos. All in all a grand ol’ time.

Pittsburgh was inundated with myriad types of weather this weekend – snow, rain, wind, you name it. So I was careful to time this weekend’s 14-mile run (thanks Hal for dialing it back!) so I could do it outside and not suffer.

I went on my favorite route along the Allegheny River, but ran to the start of that trail and back. (Normally I drive to the start point.) It was a relatively simple out-and-back. I ended up taking a Gu at the turn-around point because I’m trying to experiment with what supplements I’d prefer during the race. Definitely not this one. I chose the “mocha” flavor, and it tasted like a crappy fiber bar. (pun intended.) BUT it kept me going and helped me maintain pace for the run back….

…except for the beast of a hill that I’ve written about here. I made it my goal to run almost all of it, and did just that – just a short 20-second walk. It was weird because someone spilled a whole bag of mini marshmallows along the run. I felt a little like Hansel and Gretel because I kept telling myself to run until I didn’t see marshmallows anymore.

What else kept me going on that hill? Well, as much as I don’t condone littering AT ALL, someone had dropped their empty Gu wrapper (container? I don’t even know what to call it) on that hill. Usually you take Gus a little before a challenging portion of the race, and this was at the beginning of the hill. So it was nice to have some virtual “Girl, I KNOW this sucks, but keep on keepin on” – even if it was in the form of discarded trash.

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