Well, here I sit at Logan Airport, so what better time to write about my time (and run in) Boston?

I was here for the National Science Teachers Association conference, and I had a BLAST. Hanging out with fellow science nerds, attending fascinating workshops and seminars, and getting to have dinner with my good friend Cody in the evening as he showed me around Boston…and mostly financed by my school? Loveliness abounds.

I wanted to formally sightsee, but also needed to run. I knew I wasn’t going to do a super long run since I wanted to conserve my time and energy into the conference, plus I only had a shower stall so I couldn’t ice bath. So I explored Boston by running it!

I asked one of the convention center guides what path she recommended for running, and she suggested the Boston Harborview path. It was a short walk from the center, and obviously ran along the harbor. If you’ve read this blog at all, you know that I LOVE running along water (Pony Pastures in Richmond and Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Pittsburgh are two of my favorites) so it seemed like the next natural step. This is the view from where I started!


I ran around (what I think/saw was) the financial and northern parts of Boston, then turned to see the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. I fell in love with this art for obvious reasons.


This is the view of Boston from the garden.


I then ran back through South Boston to the convention center, making my mileage a little less than 8 miles. Not too bad of a haul considering this center is huge and I’ve probably been walking several miles in there alone!

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