Sweat, sweat everywhere

I’m here in Hong Kong! (We will ignore the fact that I’ve been in Hong Kong for 12 days and today was the first day I had motivation time to run…but time is definitely limited here.) I knew I wanted to get in some good views while I was here, but the problem is that I live in a jungle. The humidity is always crazy here and it’s always hot here. For example, today when I left at EIGHT AM, it was already 84 degrees and 91% humidity. Those are not really winning characteristics for a good run. But excuses, excuses…off I went.

Of all places, CNN actually recommended some good routes. I chose the one that was near my dorm. In CNN’s words: “Victoria Road begins in Kennedy Town and heads southwest, winding around the lower slopes of Mount Davis. As you leave Kennedy Town, the road pitches upward at about a three-percent grade for about a kilometer. After this initial climb, it undulates along the coast, offering spectacular views over the Lamma Channel as the road weaves under the shadow of High West and slices through the immense Chinese cemetery. After passing Baguio Villas and Cyberport, the road ends at Pok Fu Lam Road. Take a right here to continue to Aberdeen or turn around and make your way back to Kennedy Town for a 12-kilometer round-trip.” Well, challenge accepted, CNN.

After getting slightly lost (it’s me after all, I prefer the term ‘involuntary sightseeing’) I made my way on Victoria Road. Or should I say, up Victoria Road. They weren’t joking about that whole hill thing. Thankfully, after so many years of Pittsburgh running, I’m semi-used to it. TONS of great views on the way, though. Those of you who have been reading for awhile know my penchant for running along water. Check.

IMG_3487[1]On the way up, I saw a guy who had my exact same distinctive shoes and I excitedly nerded out, but he was running too fast for me to stop him. There were lots of other runners, though. It’s amazing how someone can look so haggard making their way during a run and one smile makes them perk up. I was the recipient of many smiles along the way and tried to give as much as I got. Happiness transcends languages, ages…everything.

There were gravestone/granite working shops along the ridge of the mountain, which made much more sense when I saw the Chinese cemetery. How incredibly beautiful is this?


I was standing on the water side of the street, and the same cemetery stretched down the coast to the cliff. It was at that moment that my #1 favorite Christian running song came on and I just stopped and savored the moment. It’s not that I didn’t know this, but in that precise moment I felt how little we are in this world and how big God is. He brought me to Hong Kong, he surrounded me with loving people in my life, and it was at that moment I felt some much-craved serenity and peace.

I then ran back home, passing a roadside flower shop that smelled absolutely amazing. I had several thoughts of holding my water bottle and iPhone in one hand and 7 bouquets of flowers in the other, but unfortunately convinced myself of the fact that no more running would happen OR I would run and simultaneously leave a flower-girl-esque trail of petals down Victoria Road. Not cute, Corinne.

I finally got back down to Kennedy Town and stopped at the nearest Wellcome for drinks. I haven’t savored air conditioning quite like I did in that shop. I bought a bottle of orange juice and a bottle of Vitamin Water and chugged them. All in all, after my run I had those drinks, a full reusable water bottle that I had with me, and a small McDonald’s coffee…and I was still thirsty. I literally wrung out my hair when I got back. Twelve hours later, my clothes are still wet.

But I still feel His stillness and infinite peace that envelops me when I run.


About CMN

She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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