Sorry for the hiatus, though I promise I’ve been a good girl and stuck with my training regimen. My long runs are up to 7 miles (last week) and then dropped back this week (5 miles.)

I have today off and, being the Martha I am, made a list of things to accomplish. I live and die by the list. One of the things on the list was to hit the gym for a 4 miler. But I just couldn’t stomach the idea of another treadmill run. Though I enjoy getting my SportsCenter fix, it’s just so boring. My general rule of thumb is that if it’s <40 degrees outside, my run needs to be indoors. I’ve had too many bouts of wheezing after subzero runs and I need to be smart.

But I just couldn’t do it today. I saw that it was 35 degrees out, and thought to myself “5 rounds up in math, which would be 40 degrees, so go run outside.” So I put on my cold weather gear and hit the road. And although I was freezing at the beginning, I was profusely sweating by the time I came back. It felt good to run outdoors with real hills and real wind resistance and steps I chose to take.

I was walking in the middle of an intersection when the oncoming traffic got the green light. I was forced to sprint to the other side. And I can’t explain it, maybe it’s a runner thing, but I feel such power when I suddenly transition from walk to sprint. I feel formidable.

I’m reading One Word That Will Change Your Life upon recommendation from a friend, and honestly it’s a little too cheesy-happy for my style, but I like the message it conveys. In my mind, I kept returning to the word ‘powerful’ – and it’s become my 2015 word. We’ll see how it influences my run.

I want to do everything with Power. Strength. Grace.


About CMN

She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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