Girl Scout

Back below the Mason-Dixon for my spring break! As I write this, a warm spring breeze is ringing the chimes on my parents’ covered patio. I am sitting in a deck chair on the patio watching the dogs romp about. I was blessed to grow up with land and surrounded by nature…I think it’s why I prefer running by water.

Cue to yesterday’s run. I like to drive 20 minutes southeast and run along the C&O Canal towpath whenever possible. The view along the Potomac River is just gorgeous.  


I intended to run 14 miles – 7 out and 7 back. I hit mile 5 and started to feel a few hot spots along my arches in my brand new running shoes. 

Then, daunting music played as I realized I had not put in my Superfeet insoles. I was going to blister. And 20 miles, the peak of my training runs before I start tapering for the marathon, is next Saturday. CRAP.

It was then that I realized I had some Gu gels with me.

My inner Girl Scout innovated a temporary solution and put a gel between my sock and shoe. It wasn’t perfect, but it prevented the hot spot from blistering for awhile. I ended up only doing 10 for the day and walking the last mile once my other arch got some hot spots. 

‘Tis better to ‘cheat’ on the dialback run (I ran 19 miles last weekend and my training plan always goes down a few miles in between) than not be able to do my peak training run because of hotspots. Furthermore, I was proud that I recognized my limitations. Old running Corinne would have said “Suck it up,” ran 14, and blistered. But I chose to preserve myself. I am learning! 


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She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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