Well, I’m doing the damn thing. With Saturday’s 8 miles and 5 miles tonight, I’ve run 31 miles in 12 days. It’s finally getting easier, just like I knew it would…perseverance and faith are the names of the game when getting back into running after a hiatus.

I found this article that discusses what happens to a runner’s body during a break; I felt like the author’s main point was not to stop. Cross train if you must, but trying to restart after a break is arduous at best.

Likewise, it’s sometimes hard to get back into faith if you’ve taken a break. For so long I’ve treated formal Bible study like running…fitting it in whenever I’m not busy. I used to delude myself into thinking that after x is done, I’ll have more free time. When school is done, I’ll be more open…when my summer program is done, I’ll have more time…etc.

I’m done believing that.

I don’t think my life has EVER been calm. I joke that it’d be nice to retire some days, then my friends affectionately remind me I’d last all of two hours before doing “the most” and volunteering or finding something to do. And they’re right.

I have to be intentional with my time. I’m working through a course that maximizes time in the morning…I am not an early bird. But I’ve kept it up for the last week and been much better about my Bible study. I run too far/take too long to run on weekday mornings (and I am NOT getting up at 4 to run, ew) so I don’t mind doing it in the evening. 

In yoga we always set our intentions before starting postures. Usually my intention is to feel the power of my body as it attempts these ancient poses, or to let the poses flow through me as water flows. But the setting of intentions begets power because it is just that…intentional. May my faith in God be my life’s intention.

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She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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