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In which I appreciate my body

I’m a woman. In America. The odds are already stacked against me for me loving how I look. I don’t wish to wax poetic on the myriad ways society shoves ideas down my head about how I should look – … Continue reading

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Lately my school has had some bad events occur. Nothing I really want to get into on here at this point, but this week alone we have the anniversary of this event. I’ve felt overwhelmed already by the mere thought … Continue reading

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My students are the apple of my eye. But among those apples that hang on the tree also hang blight and worms and pollution and poor water quality. Things that can stunt the little developing apples.┬áViolence and felonies and hunger … Continue reading

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Snow miles or no miles

I ran a bit over Christmas, then succumbed to one of the worst colds I think I’ve ever had. It started with the typical throat pain with a side of head cloudiness, progressed to extreme fatigue and coughing, and ended … Continue reading

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