Ever since I discovered the OneWord365 movement, I’ve made small commitments to the idea. One year my word was “powerful“, another year my word was “faith.”

One of my favorite Christian writers, Sarah Bessey, blogs that the idea of a “focus word,” vs. specific New Year resolutions, gives a bit more flexibility. I could very easily say that I’m going to go to the gym x number of times or try to drink my coffee black (and these are eventual goals of mine) but if I drop the ball, then it’s defeating. In this anxiety-ridden mind, I like the idea of a challenge more than yet another thing to obsess over.

So I decided that my word for the year is bravery.

I’m pretty comfy in my life right now in terms of challenges. Anything new or arduous brings a bit of fear. I also know that this year is going to bring many opportunities for change, so why not start small? And by small, I mean…

*trying a new food Bob brought over Turkish food yesterday. Didn’t like the stuffed leaves but loved the falafel.

*trying some new classes at the gym

*continuing to speak out against intolerance

Yesterday’s devotional Bible verse was “Teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.” (Psalm 90:12)

We don’t have an infinite amount of time on Earth – thus we must count our days. And it’s not even about counting the days, necessarily – but making them count. I’m really good at laying on the couch playing on Pinterest and Reddit, but at the end of my life I’d like to say I changed something or someone for His glory. There’s nothing wrong with a few of the Reddit days, but in order to change, I must challenge. So here’s to being fishlike (see below.)



About CMN

She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs at the days to come.
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